Villa Poggio Ai Merli, Tuscany Villa for your amazing accommodation in Tuscany

The Villa is near to Florence, really close to every place to visit in Tuscany

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The Villa was gorgeous - 21-01-2009
"...The Villa was gorgeous and immaculately kept. It was the perfect location and venue for our amazing wedding reception."
Paula-Ann and Steven Ballantine, 26-01-2009
The villa was so centrally located that it made trips - 02-09-2008
"...centrally located that it made trips to Pisa, Firenza, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Volterra, Lucca, and Ovieto easy day trips."
Ira Friedman, 02-09-2008
A beautiful holiday in a beautiful place - 10-12-2007
"Thank you very much for a beautiful holiday in a beautiful place. I have really appreciated the welcoming atmosphere and the beauty of the accomodation."
Cristina and David, 10-12-2007
" The most perfect, magical, wedding - 01-08-2007 "
"...What I wanted to say is thank-you so so much for giving us the most fantastic, beautiful perfect wedding!!!"
Kirsty & Tony , 01-08-2007
" A perfect stay - 16-01-2007 "
"...Your hospitality was second to none, you could not do enough for us..."
Yvonne and Mark O'Brien , 16/01/2007
" First class treatment - 05-07-2007"
"...We had a wonderful time at Villa Poggio ai Merli. It was a perfect spot and you all could not have been kinder.."
Laura, 05/07/2007



Tuscany was probably inhabited in the second millennium B.C.. There is anything for sure but just in that period there were the first tracks of men. In many places of Tuscany were found some villages’ relics, built on a pile dwelling, object and furnishing, sign of an advance civilization even were from Bronze and Iron Age.
Tuscany, during the eighth century B.C., started to appear the first Etruscan trucks. Thanks to them the Region was named Etruria, later Tuscia for Roman people and then Tuscania and Toscana.
Around sixth century B.C., the Etruscan reached the peak of their strength. They extended their possessions from Pianura Padana to Campania.
They built streets, they reclaimed marsh and they built big city such as:

  1. Arezzo
  2. Tarquinia
  3. Chiusi
  4. Vulci
  5. Roselle
  6. Vetulonia
  7. Veio
  8. Volsini
  9. Volterra

The level of civilization that reached this people were testified from several archaeological relics found on their vast possessions. Most of them were found into the graves of necropolis.
In the third century B.C., Etruscan came in conflict and subsequently they were defeated from the big Roman military strength. This caused an economical, cultural and social collapse of  the entire Region.
After the fall of the Roman Empire the Region passed through Ostrogothic and Byzantine domination. After them it were captured from Longobard in 569. Lucca became their Grand Duchy.
Carlo Magno won with Longobard and the Duchy became County and then Marquisate of Lucca.
In the XIth century the Attoni, big Canossiani feudatory,  won the Marquisate. They already possessed Modena, Reggio Emilia and Mantova.
Around the XIIth century began the period of free Towns and Lucca became the first City in Italy. It born the first type of democracy and the association of arts and crafts. Tuscany became an important example of cultural, social and economical autonomy. Florence became the main important city.
Tuscany, and especially Florence, with Dante Alighieri and Giotto in the ‘300, and then in the ‘400 with other famous artists, gave a large contribution to the Italian Renaissance.
The Medici family ruled over Florence.
Medici family ruled Tuscany until 1737 with exception of Lucca that was a self-governing Republic; Piombino was a self-Principality and the area of Orbetello and Monte Argentario were under the State of garrison.
The Grand Duchy of Tuscany passed over the government of Austrian Family called Lorraine Family. They ruled until 1859. The Lorraine, in the name of Pietro Leopoldo, reclaimed all the Maremma area and they brought liberal principles that allowed Tuscany to became one of the most reach Region of Italy. 
The most important innovation was the abrogation of death penalty in all the area under the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. It was the first State in the world. The law came into force on 30th November 1786.
During the Napoleonic period and in the first years of Risorgimento, Tuscany became the place of asylum for many writers and patriots. On 15 March 1860, thanks to a popular plebiscite, there was a passage from Grand Duchy to the Italian unitary State. The union was with the Region of Piemonte and thus, to the Italian Kingdom.
Florence was the capital city until 1870. It host the Government of the nation for five years.

Holiday in Tuscany

Tuscany is an extraordinary Region for holiday. Holiday in Tuscany is synonym of high-class and refined holiday.
Villa Poggio ai Merli is located at few km from Florence and nearby the main places of interest of the Region. Leaving from the Villa it becomes easy to reach all the most beautiful towns of Tuscany.
The town of Arezzo is located between three of the four valley that made up its province. Arezzo rose in Etruscan age and became one of the main Etruscan city. Arezzo is today one of the most important junction between Rome and Florence. The city was also the film studio of the famous movie “la vita è bella” of Roberto Benigni. If you desire to experience cultural Tuscan holiday, here it will follow some of the main places of interest to visit, like the Vasari home and the Diocesan museum.
Museum and place of interest.

  • Duomo
  • San Domenico
  • Basilica di San Francesco
  • Santa Maria della Pieve
  • San Michele
  • SS. Flora e Lucilla in Badia
  • Santa Maria delle Grazie


  • Anfiteatro romano
  • Casa del Petrarca
  • Casa Vasari
  • Casa-Museo "Ivan Bruschi"
  • Fortezza Medicea
  • Logge del Vasari
  • Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici
  • Palazzo dei Priori
  • Palazzo Pretorio
  • Piazza Grande
  • Teatro Petrarca


  • Archaeological Museum Gaio Cilnio Mecenate
  • Civic Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Diocesan Museum
  • Civil Museum of Medieval and Modern art

Distance from Villa Poggio ai Merli: 78.2 km
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The city has been declared Human Heritage from Unesco. Siena have a long culinary tradition. On 2nd July and 16th August of each year it take place, in Piazza del Campo, the traditional and famous Palio of Siena.
It is the seat of Siena Jazz, the national Academy of Jazz.
Siena is an ideal place to stay for a characteristic Tuscan Holiday.


  • Piazza del Campo
  • Palazzo Comunale
  • Torre del Mangia
  • Cappella di Piazza
  • Fonte Gaia
  • Loggia della Mercanzia


  • Palazzo Comunale (Palazzo Pubblico)
  • Palazzo del Capitano, seat of Mathematical University
  • Palazzo Arcivescovile
  • Palazzo Tolomei
  • Palazzo Chigi Saracini
  • Palazzo Salimbeni,

Churches and other artistic religious place

  • Duomo di Siena
  • Battistero di San Giovanni
  • Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata in Piazza del Duomo
  • Basilica dell'Osservanza dedicata a San Bernardino
  • Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi
  • Chiesa di San Domenico
  • Chiesa di San Francesco
  • Chiesa di Santo Spirito
  • Oratorio di San Bernardino
  • Santuario e casa di Santa Caterina
  • Sinagoga


  • Natural history of the Fisiocritici Academia Museum
  • Museum of Opera Metropolitana del Duomo
  • Museum of Bicchernas’ tablets to the State archives
  • Palazzo Comunale and Civic Museum
  • Palace of Papesse contemporary arts Centre
  • National picture-gallery
  • Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala


  • Festival Jazz organized from Siena Jazz
  • Visionaria festival of short film
  • National week of olive oil to the winery Italica
  • Week of wine to the winery Italica 
  • Specialization course of music organized from Accademia Musicale Chigiana
  • Land of Siena film festival dedicated to the independent movie and preview of the big cinema.


Distance from Villa Poggio ai Merli: 65.4 km
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The city is the host of the main international airport of Tuscany. Its name is "Galileo Galilei". The city is also seat of three famous University: the University of Pisa, the School Normale and the School of Sant’Anna.
The most important monument of the city is the magnificent leaning tower of Pisa of the XIIth century. It is 55 m high and it began to assume its slope after the beginning of its construction.
During your holiday in Tuscany you must spend a day in Pisa; it is at just 100 km from Villa Poggio ai Merli.

Exposition, exhibition and congress Centre

  • Palace for convention
  • Centre of A. Maccarrone
  • Auditorium Toniolo
  • Auditorium Cassa di Risparmio di Pisa
  • Leopolda Station
  • Auditorium ex Chiesa di San Paolo all'Orto
  • Lanfranchi Palace
  • The Lemon-house
  • Caffè dell'Ussero (in Palazzo Agostini dal 1775)
  • Cinema Lumière (in Palazzo Agostini dal 1905)


  • La Piazza dei Miracoli
  • Leaning Tower
  • The Cathedral 
  • The baptistery dedicated to San Giovanni Battista
  • The Cemetery 
  • Knights’ Square
  • Church of Knights of Santo Stefano
  • The Wall
  • The Borgo Stretto

Distance from Villa Poggio ai Merli: 108.4 km.
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Each year at end of October beginning of November it takes place the famous Lucca comics: one of the most important exhibition of Italian comics.
During July there is Lucca Summerfestival, a musical event that host famous artists from all over the world.
Recently there was the proposal to named it Human Heritage from UNESCO.
Once you plan your Holiday in Tuscany Lucca is not the first place where to go. But it is one beautiful city and you don’t have to miss it.


  • Cathedral of Lucca
  • Church of San Michele in Foro
  • Basilica of San Frediano
  • Church of Santo Giovanni e Reparata
  • Church of San Pietro Somaldi
  • Napoleon Square
  • Square of amphitheatre (old Roman amphitheatre)
  • San Michele Square
  • Ducal Palace
  • Tower of two hours
  • House and Tower of Guinigi
  • National Museum of Guinigi
  • National Museum and Gallery of Lucca
  • Botanical Garden of Lucca
  • Pfanner Palace
  • Lucca’s Wall
  • Villa Bernardini
  • Villa Bottini o Buonvisi al Giardino
  • Villa Buonvisi Oliva
  • Villa Grabau
  • Villa Mansi
  • Villa Oliva
  • Villa Paolina
  • Villa Reale di Marlia
  • Villa Torrigiani (Capannori)
  • Villa Rinaldi Nardi

Distance from Villa Poggio ai Merli: 82.0 km
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It’s one of the most important harbour of the coast, both commercial and tourist calling-port. It’s the most young city in all Tuscany. Livorno is an obliged place to visit for original Holiday Tuscany.
On 13th June it’s to mark the Sant’Antonio fair.

Monument and building

  • The monument to Quattro Mori
  • The Lamp of Pisani
  • Marzocco’s Tower
  • The Old Fortress
  • The New Fortress
  • The Waterworks Leopoldino, also known as waterworks of Colognole
  • The Cisternone
  • The Cisternino of the city
  • The Cisternino of Pian di Rota
  • The Bagnetti of the Puzzolente
  • Square of Repubblica
  • The market of victuals
  • The Castle of Sonnino
  • Spa of healthy water
  • Ma scagni Terrace

Holiday and village fair

  • 27th-30th April – 1st May: "Sagra del precario", at the New Fortress
  • 22nd May: Santa Giulia, city Patron
  • 13th June: fair of Sant'Antonino
  • End of July – beginning of August: "Effetto Venezia", to the characteristic eighteenth-century quarter known as New Venice
  • August: review of painting to Rotonda of Ardenza
  • September: "Grape Juice Free Music Festival"
  • November/December: "Premio Ciampi", festival in the memory of the singer Piero Ciampi

Distance from Villa Poggio Ai Merli: 87.9 km
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Piombino is located on the Tyrrhenian coast (called Costa degli etruschi), in the Maremma Livornese. The city of Piombino is one of the city on the coast that have a historical centre. The city of Piombino is also a part of the Wine tour itinerary. Inside the historical centre of Piombino is possible to see a small part of the city wall planned by Leonardo da Vinci.
Frequently Piombino is a city of obliged passage for your Holiday in Tuscany, because it’s from its harbour that you reach the fabulous Elba Island.


  • The Torrione
  • The Rivellino
  • Church of Misericordia
  • Church of Sant'Antimo Cathedral of Piombino with a beautiful annexed Cloister
  • Small Church of Cittadella
  • House of the Bifore (current historical archives of the city)
  • The spring of Marina (near to the old and small port of Marina)
  • The Castle


  • Carnival of Piombino – where, the last day of the festival there is the parade of Cicciolo
  • City patron Fair of Sant'Anastasia on 8th of May
  • Historical Procession during the month of July. It take place historical commemoration with typical past fancy-dress and historical event of the city
  • Fish Festival – the last week of July take place this traditional festival of frie fish cooked in a huge pan put in the square.


  • Castle museum of the city
  • Archaeological museum of Populonia territory

Distance from Villa Poggio Ai Merli: 160.2 km
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It is the most  southern city of the Tuscany. Such as for Lucca, Grosseto is out of the ordinary city Tour of Tuscany, but it is a very interesting city. Of course, you don’t have to miss the Archaeological and art museum of Maremma. 


  • Medicean Wall
  • Cathedral of San Lorenzo
  • Aldobrandeschi Palace
  • The Cassero of the Salt
  • The Church of San Francesco
  • Convent of Clarisse
  • Church of San Pietro


  • Archaeological and art museum of Maremma
  • Sacred art of Diocese  Museum of Grosseto
  • Natural history Museum of Maremma
  • Acquarium
  • The  Museolab of Grosseto city
  • Natural Park of Maremma near Alberese

Distance from Villa Poggio Ai Merli: 138.9 km
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Pistoia is a city located on the western part of Tuscany, at about 50 km from Florence. If you are searching a mix of culture and nature, Pistoia is the right place. The distance from Villa Poggio ai Merli is about 40 km.



  • Abbey of San Salvatore a Fontana Taona
  • Basilica of Madonna dell'Umiltà
  • Cathedral of San Zeno
  • Church of Santi Lucia and  Marcello
  • Church of Santi Maria and Pancrazio a Cireglio
  • Church of Santi Pietro and Girolamo
  • Church of Santi Prospero and Filippo
  • Church of Sacro Cuore Immacolato di Maria
  • Church of Immacolata Concezione
  • Church of Santissima Annunziata
  • Church of the Virgin
  • Church of Holy Spirit
  • Church of San Bartolomeo a Spedaletto
  • Church of San Benedetto
  • Church of San Biagino
  • Church of San Desiderio
  • Church of San Felice
  • Church of San Francesco
  • Church of San Giovanni Battista
  • Church of San Giovanni Battista al Tempio
  • Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas
  • Church of San Michele in Cioncio


  • Cathedral Square
  • Bell Tower
  • The Baptistery of San Giovanni
  • Palace of Bishop
  • Praetorian Palace
  • Town Hall
  • Church of Santa Maria Cavaliera
  • Tower of Catilina


  • Civic Museum
  • Documentation Centre of Giovanni Michelucci
  • The old Palace of Bishop
  • Rospigliosi Palace
  • Marino Marini Museum
  • Fabroni Palace
  • Jorio Vivarelli Foundation

Distance from Villa Poggio Ai Merli: 46.5 km
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The city is famous in Italy and around the world for its textile production. Since 1992 Prato was a Florence’s district. One of the best reason to plan your holiday in Tuscany is that everywhere you can find anything special.
Prato, located at just few km from Villa Poggio ai Merli, has magnificent monuments as the Emperor Castle.



  • Cathedral, dedicated to Santo Stefano
  • Praetorian Palace
  • Town Hall
  • Emperor and Cassero Castle


  • Basilica of Santa Maria delle Carceri 
  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Giglio
  • Church of Santa Maria of Pity
  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria of Soccorso 

Museum and Art-gallery

  • Contemporary art centre of Luigi Pecci
  • Civic museum
  • Museum of Opera of the Duomo
  • Textile Museum
  • Deportation Museum
  • Natural science centre museum
  • Palace Gallery of Alberti
  • Planetari Science Museum
  • Mural painting Museum

Distance from Villa Poggio ai Merli: 30.5 km
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San Gimignano

For its unique medieval architecture, with its famous towers, the historical centre of San Gimignano has been declared Human Heritage of UNESCO.
The city world-wide fame come also from the works of art that preserve and from the famous Vernaccia of San Gimignano white wine. It is also the native town of the medieval poet Folgore of San Gimignano.
During your Tuscany Holiday you must stop in this Town.

Place of interest

  • Collegiate Church
  • Town Hall
  • Church of Sant’Agostino
  • Art-gallery Continua
  • Torture Museum
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Distance from Villa Poggio Ai Merli: 49.6 km
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Holiday in Florence

Place of interest – Florence
it’s considered the place where the Renaissance born. Florence is known around the world as the cot of the art and architecture with its gorgeous historical building, masterpieces and museums. Holiday in Florence is a mixture of beautiful landscape, cultural, wine and food tasting tour.
During your Holiday in Florence you have the chance to see an incredible number of marvellous squares, such as:

  • Signoria Square
  • Square of Cathedral
  • Michelangelo Square
  • Repubblica Square
  • Square of Santa Maria Novella
  • Square of Santissima Annunziata
  • Square of Santo Spirito

In Your Holiday in Tuscany  you can’t miss the Historical Buildings of Florence

  • Palazzo Vecchio (Town Hall)
  • Pitti Palace
  • Rucellai Palace
  • Strozzi Palace
  • Ridolfi Palace

Florenceis also well-known for its monuments and churches. In your Holiday in Florence a visit to these places is obliged.

  • Santa Maria del Fiore (Cathedral)
  • Santa Maria Novella
  • Santa Croce
  • San Lorenzo
  • Santo Spirito
  • Santa Trinita
  • San Salvatore al Monte

Florenceis shared from Arno river and the two side of the city are joined with several and famous bridge.
During your Holiday in Tuscany you will cross several of them.

  • Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio)
  • Santa Trinita Bridge
  • Ponte Alle Grazie

Florenceisn’t just art and culture, but it has also breathtaking landscape. When you decide to pass a Holiday in Florence preserve time to walk around the well-known Florentine gardens.

  • Boboli garden
  • Bobolino garden
  • Cascine Park
  • Rose Garden
  • Iris garden

During your holiday in Florence you can realize that the track left from Medici Family it’s still alive. You must visit the famous Medici Villas.

  • The Petraia Medici Villa
  • The Topaia Medici Villa
  • Medici Villa of Marignolle
  • Medici Villa of Poggio Imperiale

Museum and art-gallery

  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Vasariano Corridor
  • Accademia Gallery
  • Museum of Bargello
  • San Marco Museum